Soaring cinematography and global scope filmed in over 200 locations.

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Product name: Earth

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Publisher: BBC Natural History Unit

Size: 95 minutes

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Sometimes, looking after the planet can give you a bad case of the greens.

The greens are like the blues. The greens see you questioning the point of mundane chores like putting out the compost or choosing the more time-consuming, less convenient option - taking public transport instead of driving, for example. Can one person really make a difference in the face of mass apathy, you wonder.

If your motivation to stay green is flagging and you've lost sight of why it's important, you should watch this film.

With its soaring cinematography and global scope, Earth takes the environmental message from mundane to magnificent and meaningful. The label "nature documentary" fails to do justice to this spectacular BBC Natural History Unit project.

Filmed by 40 specialist crews in 200 locations, from the Antarctic to the Kalahari, Earth presents a year in the life of the blue planet and the creatures that call it home.

The aerial footage of wolves hunting caribou, elephants trekking towards the Okavango delta in search of water and a sequence which takes the viewer over the edge of a waterfall are particularly impressive - the result of 250 days of aerial photography.

Cutting edge digital technology - originally developed for crash testing on cars - allowed crews to capture super slow motion shots of a great white shark leaping from the sea and a cheetah in pursuit of its prey.

As well as possessing sheer visual wow factor, the film is structured to highlight the complex and delicately balanced connections between the ecosystems of the Earth.

According to director Alastair Fothergill:

"If we were to make this film in ten - or twenty - years' time, we would not be able to bring the extraordinary images we are bringing to the big screen. So there's a subtle, yet powerful message behind the film, which aims to encourage those who see Earth to feel compelled to do something to preserve our beautiful, but fragile, planet."

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