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Unlike many of the big-brand commercial alcoholic ciders flooding our fridges – many of which are simple, sweet, alcoholic concoctions brewed from watered-down bulk apple juice concentrate – these ciders are all handmade from fresh, sustainably-farmed whole apples.

2009 Daylesford Green Label Cider

David Stagg takes apples from his organically farmed orchard of traditional cider varieties - including the evocatively named Bulmer’s Norman, Somerset Redstreak and Yarlington Mill – and turns them into a light,
perfumed cider with enough pleasant apple fruitiness to please new cider drinkers but also a touch of grippy tartness to please veteran cider drinkers keen for a little less sweetness. Try it with boiled yabbies.
$6 (330 ml),

2010 Mock Red Hill Sweet Cider

The Mock family have started producing two ciders – a dry and a sweet – from their old Red Hill orchard, which has been certified Demeter biodynamic since 1974. Using a blend of tree ripened Jonathan and
Golden Delicious apples, the cider is made at nearby winery Foxey’s Hangout. It has a deliciously sweet
cooked apple flavour and a pleasing roundness to finish. Try it with a tangy, cheddar-style cheese.
$5 (330 ml),

2010 Captains Creek Alexandra Organic Cider

Made using certified organic fruit from an orchard near Warragal in Gippsland, this beautifully packaged and delicious sparkling cider is a blend of seven or eight varieties of apple including the well known Golden Delicious and the exotic Sturmer Pippin, traditionally used in Tasmania for cider production. Perfumed, light and fizzy to start, this cider has a nicely grippy, full-bodied finish. Try it with roast rare-breed organic pork.
$25 (700 ml),

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