Kindred quinoa

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Kindred organics quinoa

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Product name: Kindred organics quinoa

Manufacturer: Kindred Organics

Price: $8 - $10 for 1 kg

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Lauren and Henrietta Damen grow organic quinoa on their farm at Kindred on the north coast of Tasmania.

This South American grain is making a global resurgence. It was a staple in the pre-Columbian era but the Spanish
conquistadors encouraged their subjects to consume corn and potatoes.

Kindred Organics’ quinoa has only been polished once so it still has a naturally soapy coating that needs to be washed off.

Cooked like rice it is a fine, nutty and earthy tasting grain. It is perfect when mixed with greens such as rocket and dressed with pecorino cheese and vinaigrette.

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