Explore Australia 2012

The best value and most trusted 'travel bible' for Australia.


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Product name: Explore Australia 2012

Publisher: Noble Words with Explore Australia

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After 30 years in print, this is still the best value and most trusted travel guide and map in Australia after 30 years, this ‘travel bible’ reveals those spectacular tucked-away places that make you feel like a local no matter where you go.

You won’t be left wanting, with a comprehensive guide to every capital city, 700 towns around Australia, spectacular photography, 140 pages of maps, and introduction to Australian history, flora and fauna.

Explore Australia 2012 is your comprehensive guide to every capital city, more than 70 holiday regions and 700 towns around Australia.

It's densely packed with fascinating information such as fact files for every state, must‐see sights and events in each region and major town, selected food and accommodation listings, and a 140-page road atlas.

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