Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide


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Product name: Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Publisher: Australian Marine Conservation Society

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How do you know that you’re making a sustainable and responsible choice when you buy fish from the
supermarket, in a restaurant, or at the local fish ’n’ chip shop?

As most of us never leave home without our phone these days, the Australian Marine Conservation Society have put together this handy iPhone (and iPad) app to complement their comprehensive online guide.

The app has up-to-date information on more than 100 different seafood species and has a user-friendly traffic light system, where green listings are a ‘Better Choice’, amber seafoods are ‘Think Twice’ and red are ‘Say No’.

A must-have for anyone with an iPhone or iPad, unfortunately there isn’t yet an app for other smart phones, but all the information is available free online at

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