Al Gore's Our Choice

A greener way to read about the effects of and solutions to climate change.


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Product name: Our Choice (Digital book)

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

Author: By Al Gore


Price: $5.99 (iPhone)

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The 2009 printed tome has been reinvented as a unique and dynamic digital book for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Offering practical solutions to the problems our planet is facing, there’s inspirational documentary film footage, animations, original audio by Gore and interactive graphics that respond to touch or blowing into the microphone.

These features mean the digital book takes up over 20MB, so it might be best to download onto a ‘synced’ computer before transferring it onto an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The 18 chapters offer a comprehensive exploration of the issues surrounding climate change, and breaks down concepts such as geothermal energy and carbon capture and sequestration.

And while the content drives home the very real problem of global warming, it encourages and sparks hope by delving into the array of possibilities for renewable energy, such as solar, harvesting wind and growing fuel without ever losing its sense of urgency.

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