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Turn your world upside down with Boskke’s Sky Planter.


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Product name: Sky Planter

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

Manufacturer: Patrick Morris for Boskke

Price: From $39

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Designer Patrick Morris has taken on the final frontier of space innovators with a ceiling-suspended space saver that’s as simple as it is ingenious.

Stunning and unique, these planters are sure to be a talking point in the home, but best of all, they use 80% less water than conventional planters.

The innovative water reservoir feeds the plant as required and generally only needs to be refilled twice a month depending on the plant.

Available in three sizes and neutral tones to suit any decor, and with extension and wall mount accessories, these striking planters can be installed to suit any kind of living space.

The topsy-turvy planters are perfect for pot plant classics like geraniums, ferns and ivy.

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