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Product name: Gift of the Bag

Reviewer: Suzanne Chellingworth

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Plastic and woven ‘green’ bags aren’t actually sustainable at all; made from oil-based polypropylene, they need huge amounts of energy for production and take thousands of years to decompose.

Polypropylene bags won't decompose naturally for up to 1000 years, and mostly end up in landfill, and the photo-degrading process of plastic bags means they break down into small pieces that contaminate soil and waterways.

Jute challenges all of these things, being all natural, very strong, and 100% bio-degradable. Also known as hessian or burlap, these plantations consume CO2 at a rate several times higher than trees, and acts as a natural pesticide.

Gift of the Bag is a carbon offset Australian-owned company that sources jute bags from Bangladesh, where they are grown and made under fair working conditions and wages.

A range of sizes, shapes and designs are available, all of which can be printed with eco-friendly inks, and businesses can even design their own styles.

Best of all, jute products can decompose in as quickly as 2 to 3 months, so they can composted or used as mulch around the garden once they're worn out.

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