Climate Code Red: the Case for Emergency Action


Climate Code Red: the Case for Emergency Action

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Product name: Climate Code Red: the Case for Emergency Action

Reviewer: Andrea Cally

Author: David Spratt and Philip Sutton

Publisher: Scribe

Price: $27.95

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David Spratt and Philip Sutton certainly don't pull any punches in this emergency call for united and immediate action on climate change.

The authors offer pages of scientific evidence showing that the extent of the climate crisis is often ignored in favour of the short-sighted 'business as usual' approach promoted by industry and politicians.

Divided into three parts, the book explores the most recent scientific research and expert insight on the extent of the crisis, the problems with current global carbon emission targets, and ideas for how we can make the transition to a sustainable, carbon-free economy.

Ambitious in the extreme, the strength of the authors' argument is diluted by the book's structure, which is overly reliant on technical scientific data that would be easier to digest visually.

Equally, the authors spend too much time being critical of the current system and gloss over their proposed solution, which involves wholesale changes to life as we know it.

Printed on paper from locally sourced sustainable re-growth plantation forests. Ink partly soy-based.

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