M.A.D (making a difference) in a Green Way

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M.A.D (making a difference) in a Green Way

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Product name: M.A.D (making a difference) in a Green Way

Reviewer: Jenny Blackford

Author: Melina Schamroth

Publisher: m.a.d.woman

Price: $10

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M.A.D (making a difference) in a Green Way is a witty, pocket-sized book aimed at the young, urban, professional woman. It's full of achievable hints and tips for greener living: one per snappily-designed page.

The author, Melina Schamroth, is the founder of the m.a.d.woman foundation, which has the admirable aim of encouraging, inspiring and enabling people to "make a difference" in the environment and the community.

Half the profits from the book will go to support social and environmental programs through the foundation.

Schamroth has a real way with words: the pages have catchy titles such as "Get Naked" for a tip about dressing lightly in summer and keeping air conditioning to a minimum, and "Kill Bills" for using online billing rather than paper bills.

I particularly liked the hint about making a draught-stopping door snake from one leg of a pair of thick tights by filling it with sand and tying off the end.

Printed on 100 per cent recycled paper using soy ink and a waterless process.

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