Thirsty Country: Options for Australia


Thirsty Country: Options for Australia

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Product name: Thirsty Country: Options for Australia

Reviewer: Andrea Cally

Author: Asa Wahlquist

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Price: $27.95

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Award-winning journalist Åsa Wahlquist points out that as one of the driest countries in the world, Australia has several anomalies in the way it manages one of our most precious resources: water.

One is the low value we assign this scarce resource. Another is that the bulk of our water is effectively sent overseas through exported goods, which contain billions of litres of embodied water.

Dotted with graphs and explanatory breakout boxes, this well-presented book is both informative and engaging and offers a fascinating insight into Australian water practices and politics, from settlement to the present day.

Drawing on interviews with a range of people, including experts, farmers and innovators, Wahlquist shows how we have all contributed to the current problems and offers a comprehensive and compelling case for implementing a portfolio of environmentally sustainable long-term water solutions that work in harmony with our drought-prone landscape.

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