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Toby Alone

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Product name: Toby Alone

Reviewer: Andrea Cally

Author: Timothee de Fombelle, with illustrations by Francois Place

Publisher: Walker Books

Price: $24.95

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At one-and-a-half-millimetres tall, 13-year-old Toby feels the weight of the world on his tiny shoulders.

The world, for him, is the oak tree where he and his family live. When Toby’s scientist father stumbles on a powerful secret that an evil property developer is eager to exploit, Toby’s family becomes public enemy number one.

With his parents imprisoned for their “crime against Tree”, Toby is the only one who can save his parents and the Tree from a bleak and uncertain future.

In an impressive debut aimed at 8- to 12-year-olds, French author Timothée de Fombelle has created an allegorical adventure about greed, globalisation, political and racial persecution, and environmental preservation.

Fombelle’s portrayal of the darker side of human nature, and people’s readiness to exploit their environment for their own personal gain is unapologetically frank, but this does not extinguish the story’s over-riding optimism.

It is easy to see why this beautifully illustrated book has won widespread critical acclaim and has been translated into 22 languages.

Printed on FSC-accredited paper with soy inks.

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