Capra Cameo

Certified organic, this cheese has a firm-to-hard interior and a lovely tang.

capra cheese

Credit: Brent Parker Jones

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Product name: Capra Cameo ashed organic goats cheese

Reviewer: Richard Cornish

Price: RRP $11 for 120g

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From the far east of Victoria comes this small barrel of ashed goat's cheese with a soft white mould coating, a firm-to-hard interior with a lovely tang, and smooth mouthfeel.

Certified organic with Organic Growers of Australia, this farmhouse cheese is made in a tiny factory surrounded by state forest in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

Landcare and tree planting are big on the owners' agenda with thousands of native indigenous trees planted in recent years and the creeks fenced off to protect the waterways from those all-consuming goats.

Available from selected supermarkets and organic stores.

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