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Product name: Full Circle Pot Scrubber

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How many disposable plastic kitchen cleaning tools would you use in a year? Get rid of that throw-away lifestyle and choose a better design. Full Circle products are affordable and made from sustainable materials such as fast-growing bamboo or recycled plastics.

We love the 100 per cent biodegradable pot scrubber; so you can use some elbow grease it has an easy to grip onto oil-treated bamboo handle, with a soft yet abrasive loofah that’s safe to use on non-stick pots and pans.

Don't be fooled by this products small size, this scrubber has all the power it needs to show hard-to-budge marks who's boss.

The replacement clip-on attachments for the loofah scrubbers are made from plant-based plastic, and with two refill loofahs costing $3.99, that’s less waste and less cost for your home.

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