At Home on the Range

Learning from the past.

At Home on the Range

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Product name: At Home on the Range

Author: Margaret Yardley Potter & Elizabeth Gilbert

Publisher: Bloomsbury

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As Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the bestselling novel Eat, Pray, Love) was moving house, she was rifling through her attic and stumbled across this book written by her great-grandmother. As she flicked through the pages, she discovered that her nana was well ahead of her time in terms of the sustainability movement, because she was naturally frugal and didn’t waste. Learn the art of tasteful, respectful cooking, the traditional way.

Tremendously funny, this book is for those who like recipes to come with a good back story. Gilbert's Grandmother (Potter) writes of the importance of farmer's markets and ethnic food (Italian, Jewish and German) and ridicules preservatives and culinary shortcuts, favouring instead real food made with all real ingredients.

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