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Go natural this summer.

Fresca deoderant

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Product name: Fresca deoderant

Price: $15 (50 ml)

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Get a kickstart on the sweaty season, and switch your toxic under-arm deodorant to a natural alternative.

Fresca deodorant doesn’t contain nasty aluminium, parabens or other toxins, and is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients. It isn’t sticky, dries quickly, and works all day long.

This product is for the whole family with a whole range of fragrances ranging from valley rose, ocean, wild lavender, citrus fresh, jaisara, wooden spice and unscented.

The essential oils in Fresca's deodorants also offer aromatherapy benefits, each scent producing a different affect.

All natural with added aromatherapy benefits, what's not to like?

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