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A recent study from the Swedish Research Council revealed that the chemical softeners used in PVC or vinyl products, known as phthalates, were being absorbed by young children, with the dangerous chemical detected in their urine.

Phthalates are acknowledged as hormone disruptors, and have long been suspected of causing allergies and chronic diseases such as asthma, and many countries have banned its use in the manufacture of baby products.

This is why you should switch to Marmoleum, a lino that's phthalate-free and made from sustainable, natural ingredients.

Marmoleum is made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with 40% recycled content. The key raw materials used in its production include linseed oil, which, comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour from controlled forests and jute, the natural backing on to which the linoleum is calendared.

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