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Environmental Enterprises has a pretty big range of great eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Although it varies between products (from just 10 days to over 12 months), given time they will all break down in a home compost bin, as our reviewer is finding out here.

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We live in a world where everything is disposable. Although it’s a godsend for the busy entertainer, disposable goods such as plastic bags and cups have a huge impact on the environment, often ending up in landfill, river systems or our oceans.

If you run a small catering, take away or food business (or you just want to throw the barbeque of the century) this type of waste can be unavoidable, as washing dishes is often impractical and time consuming.

This isn’t the case anymore, as Environmental Enterprises' range of sustainable packaging solutions has you covered for all of your catering needs. These sustainable solutions are made out of quality, sturdy materials that are compostable and guilt free!

Sugarcane Fibre Products
These products, which are made from sugarcane pulp, are a great alternative to traditional plastic plates and bowls. They are actually much more sturdy than their less sustainable counterpart, which makes them great for just about everything from birthday parties to large functions. Afterwards, they just go straight into the compost, and should break down after about 90 days.

These clear cups, containers, bottles, lids and straws are all made out of Polylactide (or PLA), which is produced by using renewable resources. They perform just as well as their plastic alternatives, but are only suitable for cold drinks and food. PLA products will break down after 12 months or more in the household compost.

The cutlery is made from a cellular based polymer called CPLA, which is similar to conventional thermoplastics except it is completely biodegradable and compostable. Perfect when teamed up with the sugarcane fibre plates, these make a surprisingly impressive dinner set. They take about a year to break down in a home compost.

Compostable and biodegradable bags:
Plastic bags are an eco disaster these days! Environmental Enterprises has found a solution, with compostable and biodegradable bags that break down within just 10-45 days! Just as strong as regular plastic bags, you can even get them printed, and custom made.

We've put these products to the test in our own compost bins, and can already see some of the products starting to degrade! Of course industrial compost bins will break the products down much quicker, but you get the same end result by doing it at home.

There really is no excuse to buy all those disposable plastics, when there are excellent quality alternatives like this out there. So whether you’re hosting a party, own a small business or just want to make your school canteen greener, make sure you check out Environmental Enterprises range of compostable catering products!

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