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Product name: Sugar Free Eucalyptus Aussie Drops

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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A healthy dose of warming menthol and eucalyptus could be just what the doctor ordered to treat a sniffly nose or a dry throat this winter.

Made and blended in the traditional way by hand, Aussie Drops is a proudly Australian-owned family business, and a percentage of sales are donated to help save vulnerable koala populations.

Our favourite flavour is the ‘Sugar Free Eucalyptus’ range, as sugar is all-too-common in most treats.

Family bags are $2.49, and keep an eye out for the new 22 g flip-top box for $2.

Feeling under the weather? We have 12 Family packs of the sugar-free eucalyptus & menthol Aussie Drops to give away! Email us at before midday Friday 21 June 2013 and tell us what you think needs to be done to help vulnerable koala populations in Australia.

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