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Santalia produces an all-natural range of acne treatments, with proven results!


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Ditch the icky chemicals, and opt instead for an all-natural range of acne treatments with clinically proven results by Santalia.

Free from peroxides, sulfates, artificial fragrance, dyes and preservatives, the products include sustainably sourced ingredients such as sandalwood*, an essential oil prized for centuries for its cleansing properties.

Scientifically proven to be effective in reducing inflammation, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and restoring balance to the skin, sandalwood is a key ingredient in the proven effectiveness of Santalia's acne range.

The therapy kit is a good place to start; it includes a daily cleanser, balancing serum, refining mask and intensive spot treatment.

*The August issue of Green Lifestyle stated that tea tree oil was listed amongst the ingredients used by Santalia. This is not in fact the case, and we apologise for any confusion. Also, please use the website as the site we listed won't sell to Australian customers.

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