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We taste test a delicious range of preservative-free snacks to treat the tastebuds.


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Product name: Snowy Mountains Snacks

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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While we know fresh veg is best for our regular food, there are always going to be those times when we need a little snack on the go. The Snowy Mountains Snacks range has bars, cookies, savoury dips and more that are prefect to keep stashed in your work drawer, handbag or a secret spot at home.

Because there are no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, you can pretty much munch away with glee. The ingredients are wholesome, with most of the content being nice things like rolled oats, sultanas, dark chocolate, lots of nuts and seeds, and (our favourite) coconut.

And they taste delicious! They're just right for morning tea or an afternoon cuppa snack, and while the cookies do crumble easily, they don't taste dry at all.

The only qualm we have with these is that they're individually wrapped, which means there's a bit of plastic to deal with (making these my guilty pleasure in my Plastic-free July challenge).

Snowy Mountains Snacks have a big range, and they come in a couple of sizes, so there's something for everyone. Coeliacs will delight in the fact that there are even gluten-free options! We love the little gingerbread men, and think they'd make great gifts for friends and family for no reason whatsoever.

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