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Hydrating yourself well treats and prevents winter sickness, so do it with a durable, healthy glass water bottle like this one from Camelbak.


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Product name: Camelback 700 ml eddy glass bottle

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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A reusable water bottle is the essential item for any self-respecting greenie. And for those who are health-conscious to boot, a glass water bottle over a plastic or metal one may have it's advantages.

While most reusable plastic water bottles these days are BPA-free, the added benefit of using a glass bottle is that it doesn't retain odours, so it makes this vessel a little more versatile. The temperature regulation of glass means that cold water stays cooler for longer than in plastic or (un-insulated) stainless steel. Also, the durability of glass as a material, and in terms of shrinkage in cold and expansion in hot weather, means there's less chance of leaks developing over time.

The unique design is a little different to a typical water bottle, and may take some getting used to. For example, the bite valve is tricky to get the hang of, but for some - such as cyclists who need to keep their eyes on the road - it can prove handy not have to have to tip the bottle up to drink. Glass water bottles are easily recycled for end-of-life disposal, and because glass is completely dishwasher safe, this bottle is much easier to clean than many other designs.

We were worried it would be likely to shatter or break, but it's made from a fairly thick, sturdy (and, of course, lead-free) glass, and there's a silicone sleeve to add a bit of extra protection and grip. The only drawback of this is that it makes it a bit heavy. Another possible drawback for some is that the product is imported from France, but with so few glass drinking bottles on the market, we think that the reliability of going with a well-known brand like Camelbak is a good idea, especially since it's backed by a lifetime guarantee for parts (but not if you drop it - it is glass, after all!).

In the current August issue of magazine, we reviewed '3 of the best' water bottles with filters, however none of these were glass bottles, so we thought we'd let you know about the benefits of glass as well. We couldn't find any glass water bottles with filters. Leave your comments below or email us on and share with us and other readers what you think are the best features to look for in a reusable water bottle.

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