Healthy Home App.

Common, hidden, household chemicals that make the home unhealthy.


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Product name: Healthy Home App.

Reviewer: Joel Burgess

Author: Melissa Wittig

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Many of us are exposed to more pollutants indoors than out, but how do you know where the problems are in your home?

Melbourne mum Melissa Wittig has used maternal concerns and extensive research to make this comprehensive list of lurking potential household dangers.

There's information, tips and to-do lists to keep you a step ahead of pollutants.

The application asks you a series of questions and identifies how many healthy assets each room in your house has and allows you to set challenges to make it even healthier.

No matter what your knowledge of common pollutants is, this comprehensive list will have the one hing you may have missed.

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The September/October issue of Green Lifestyle magazine incorrectly printed the title of this application as 'Your home, your health'. However, this application can be found in the itunes store under 'Healthy Home'.

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