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The 2014 Australian Wine Vintages gold book and Smartphone app now have an organic section.

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Product name: 2014 Australian Wine Vintages

Reviewer: Joel Burgess

Author: Robert Geddes

Price: (Book) $34.99, (App.) $9.99/ yearly subscription

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The 2014 Australian Wine Vintages gold book includes a more comprehensive list of certified organic and biodynamic wines than ever before.

And most of the information in the book can be accessed via a Smartphone app. This is particularly helpful when you are on the go and trying to choose the right wine for the occasion.

Searching for organic wines is a little tricky on the application, but hopefully it will follow in the direction of the latest book and make this category of wines a fundamental element in future revisions.

First-time users of this guide may be surprised to find that they already know a number of wineries on the organic list who having simply avoided flaunting their good practices on the bottle.

Both the book and yearly subscriptions to the app can be purchased via the Australian Wine Vintages website.

The app requires you download free software from iTunes or your other Smartphone application store.

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