Sisters on the Planet

Women are taking action in an Oxfam documentary on climate change.

Sisiters on the planet

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Product name: Sisters on the Planet

Reviewer: Sue White

Publisher: Oxfam

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With climate change exacerbated in large part due to our unwillingness to adjust our daily lives, it's always heartening to see the crisis actually drawing out the best in people.

In Sisters on the Planet, a 30-minute documentary produced by Oxfam, viewers meet six different women impacted by climate change.

Each story offers a glimpse into the life and actions of a woman dealing with climate change.

From lobbyists to teachers to mothers, each tale is powerful; but perhaps none is more thought-provoking than the opening story in PNG, where Ursula Rokora is watching her homeland, the Carteret Islands, disappearing under rising seas.

Land in the Carterets is passed through the matriarchal line, and Ursula rues that she won't have anything to pass onto her own children.

With seawater swamping their homes, islanders are being forced to migrate, and Ursula's work transitioning villagers to Bougainville is simultaneously inspirational and heart wrenching.

As the documentary crosses to drought-ridden Australia, flood-swamped Bangladesh, and to the UK, Uganda and Brazil, the viewer, like the documentaries subjects' themselves, is left thinking "what can I do?"

Oxfam's hopes are high. They're encouraging people to hold documentary screenings (the films are downloadable at; to start acting to reduce our personal emissions levels; and to heavily lobby Australian politicians to commit to emissions reductions targets of at least 40 per cent by 2020 and 95 per cent by 2050 (on 1990 levels).

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