A glove affair

We love ENJO cloths, and now the company has added a new product to its range – a heavy duty oven cleaning glove.


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Product name: Oven Cleaning Glove

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Price: $54

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Too often, people think that cleaning an oven requires excessively harsh chemicals. But the ENJO heavy duty oven mitt proves that there's no need for anything more than water, some elbow grease and a nifty cloth design to remove baked-on grime.

Here's the recommended method for getting your oven clean with the ENJO mitt. Start by putting a tray of hot water in a hot oven – perhaps after you've finished cooking – and leave it there while the oven is cooling. The steam will be absorbed into the grime and help loosen it. Next comes the glove and a bit of scrubbing to remove layers of grease and cooking residue.

If it has been a while since you cleaned your oven, ENJO recommends using its marble paste. However, in most cases the strong fibres in the mitt will remove the stains without being too harsh on surfaces. And, it doesn't leave streaks.

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