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Smooth and sweet without the guilt.

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Product name: Organic Coconut Nectar

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Price: $7.90

Size: 250ml

Buy Online: Loving Earth

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Organic Coconut Nectar is packed with all the coco-goodness we love, and it's produced by truly ethical company, Loving Earth, which is one the most sustainable superfood suppliers in Australia.

Although usually renowned for its dedication to raw chocolate products, Loving Earth also sources and manufactures the highest quality organic, fairly traded and wild crafted functional foods. And, its Organic Coconut Nectar teams well with many other foods in its range.

Made from organic coconut blossoms in Java, Indonesia, it's sustainable, fairly traded, low-GI and gluten-free. You can use it as an alternative to sugar to sweeten drinks, smoothies and treats.

Check out a delicious recipe for Coconut Cashew Cake that uses Organic Coconut Nectar here:

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