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Product name: Conqueror headphones

Reviewer: Joel Burgess

Price: $79.95

Size: 5 tip sizes for all ears

Buy Online: The House of Marley

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I came across a pair of these headphones about six months ago and I have not been able to take them out.

I always preferred the larger over ear headphones based on their ability to cancel out ambient noise and remain comfortable for longer. Even though you got better sound quality there was generally a trade off, over ear headphones definitely absorbed a large portion of an already full man-bag.

The Conqueror headphones come with five different in ear fittings that vary on size and level of noise cancelling. The ones I chose have two soft cups that creates a layer of insulation inhibiting unwanted sounds, yet remain comfortable for longer sessions. The actual headphones are great and produce a really clean and rich sound.

What is most interesting though are how environmentally friendly they are. The little speakers are encased in completely recyclable aluminum and the trim is made from FSC certified sapele and maple wood. The packaging is also often itself recycled and all of it is recyclable. The House of Marley have their own unique fabric that mixes hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles which they use on a number of their products and the little case you get for your headphones.

The house of Marley also supports the Bob Marley associated charity 1Love which perpetuates the Marley philosophy of 'peace, love and unity'.

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