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Natralia Crystal Deodorant

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Product name: Natralia crystal deodorant stick

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith and Sarah Wood

Price: $5.99

Size: 120g

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My mum has sung the praises of crystal deodorant for years, so I was curious to see for myself if it really works, and it does!

The active ingredient is a salt called ammonium aluminium sulphate, which inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and closes skin pores to reduce perspiration in much the same way as regular deodorants.

Natralia Crystal Deodorant, $5.99, is mined directly from the earth rather than synthetically manufactured.

It is also hypoallergenic, and alcohol and fragrance free, which means it's gentler on sensitive skin because it won't leave the skin dry and itchy.

The 120g crystal is great value, lasting more than a year even with daily use, and so reducing excess consumption and waste.

Its screw applicator is recyclable and also handy so you won't fumble around with a slippery stone unlike some other crystal deodorants on the market.

For stockist details, call 1300 555 597.

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