Climate Wars

Read it and weep.

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Product name: Climate Wars

Reviewer: Mark Mann

Author: Gwynne Dyer

Publisher: Scribe

Price: $32.95

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Climate Wars begins where other climate change books end.

Dyer, a "geopolitical analyst", takes the science as given and instead explores what climate change means for our future through a series of hypothetical, but highly plausible, scenarios.

These scenarios, mainly involving wars over dwindling food and water resources, drive the book along at a cracking pace.

Like a Stephen King novel, it's scary but you can't put it down.

And Climate Wars may be more frightening than a horror novel still - because it may actually happen.

Backing up his predictions with interviews with top military strategists, political analysts and climate experts, Dyer depicts a future of nuclear conflict, societies swamped by climate refugees, and mass starvation.

Dyer argues that, unless we make a real start in the next decade or two, these tensions will make international cooperation on reducing emissions almost impossible.

Befitting his military background, Dyer has written a shock and awe account of where climate change is taking us.

Read it, and weep. I did.

Printed on paper from sustainable regrowth forests in Australia.

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