Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars

One of Australia's most fiercely fought environmental battles.

Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars

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Product name: Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars

Reviewer: Louise Southerden

Author: Dr Nigel Turvey

Publisher: Glass House Books

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Urban refugees Hugh and Nan Nicholson moved onto a property at Terania Creek in northern NSW 30 years ago.

They were hoping to escape the rat race and live a self-sufficient lifestyle, but discovered that the forest surrounding their property was earmarked for extensive logging.

So began one of Australia's most fiercely fought environmental battles, the 1979-1982 Rainforest Wars.

The wars ended with the formation of Nightcap National Park, which was World Heritage-listed for good measure in 1989.

Author Nigel Turvey, a former forester and environmental scientist, stands (respectfully) on the shoulders of those who were there, using their words and pictures to give us an insightful overview of an emotionally charged environmental campaign from beginning to end; he even sets it firmly in its time with references to other newsworthy happenings such as the Azaria Chamberlain case and the Vietnam War.

One of the unexpected bonuses of this book is that it offers an inside look at the forestry profession and how it fell from grace (in the public's eyes) during this campaign, never to recover again.

Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars is a real page-turner and a must-read for anyone interested in conflicts in Australia's natural places.

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