Feed yourself, feed your garden

Plates made from plants that are clean enough to eat off . . . and to then mulch

Palm leaf plates

Credit: Andrew Cowen

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Product name: Palm leaf plates

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Price: $14.95 for 25

Size: 24 cm

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These totally biodegradable palm leaf plates are designed for a limited number of uses, making them ideal for when you have neither the equipment nor the inclination to wash up.

They can cope with hot and cold temperatures – even microwaving – and no chemicals, resins, strengthening agents or synthetic materials are used to make them.

They’re constructed from naturally shed sheaths of palm leaves cultivated in southern India, where local villagers are paid cash to collect the sheaths and press the plates.

And, when you’re finished with them, the plates can be given as animal fodder or used upside down on garden beds as mulch.

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