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A'Kin moisture spray

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Product name: A'Kin moisture spray

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith and Sarah Wood

Manufacturer: The Purist Company

Price: $19.95

Size: 125mL

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Some beauty products fall under the category of luxury more than necessity, but once you've tried a cooling face mist it could well become a favourite.

Keep A'Kin Instant Revival Aloe & Orange Blossom Summer Mist, $19.95, on your desk for use in an air-conditioned office, in your car for long road-trips or in your bathroom to help set your make-up so it doesn't melt in warmer weather.

This sweet-smelling and soothing moisturising spray is free from artificial colour and fragrances.

There are also no animal ingredients, or any ingredients that have been tested on animals.

And when you've finished spraying the plant-based mist the bottle is - as all eco-conscious brands packaging should be - recyclable.

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