Bee bug-free

Use the power of essential oils to keep the bugs away.

Bugged Outdoor Balm

Credit: Andrew Cowen

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Product name: Bugged Outdoor Balm

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Manufacturer: Beauty and the Bees

Price: $14.95

Size: 40 ml

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Handmade by the boutique Tasmanian company Beauty And The Bees from 100 per cent natural products, Bugged Outdoor Balm features Australian essential oils including lemon-scented eucalypt, lemon-scented tea-tree and peppermint, as well as basil, clove, thyme and cedarwood atlas, all of which are renowned for their power to take the bite out of insects.

Smelling of nothing but lovely essential oils, the balm comes in a nifty 40ml-sized stainless steel tin that can easily be popped into a picnic hamper or handbag.

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