Swig, the Swiss style

Put an end to plastic waste by using stainless steele water bottles instead

Sigg traveller classic

Credit: Andrew Cowen

Product details

Product name: Sigg traveller classic

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Manufacturer: Sigg

Price: ~ $30

Size: 1 L

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The Swiss-made Sigg range, including the 1-litre ‘Traveller Touch’ is a fantastic alternative to plastic water bottles.

After several uses, or if left out in the sun or in a hot car, the latter tend to leak harmful chemicals such as phthalates into the drinking water.

The Swiss-made, near-indestructible bottles have a patented food-safe internal lining, a no-leak screw-top lid and a modern, streamlined look. At the end of its long life, the super-lightweight aluminium they're made from is also easily recyclable.

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