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Give an energy efficient glow to your home with an LED rechargeable lamp.

Luau rechargeable LED lamp

Credit: Andrew Cowen

Product details

Product name: Luau Portable Rechargeable Lamp

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Manufacturer: Vessel

Price: $330

Size: 230mm x 370mm

G Rating:


The stylish Luau Portable Rechargeable Lamp automatically throws off a 50-watt-equivalent glow when lifted from its base, and can be dimmed or turned off to conserve the 6-10-hour charge. It also stays lit while charging.

Its LED light source is battery-powered and it won't blow out or set things aflame if left unattended, making it ideal as a night light for children. That’s if you’re not using it for some romantically lit outside entertaining.

Rechargeable batteries are included.

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