Ethical Eating: How to Make Food Choices that Won't Cost the Earth

Nothing beats unprocessed, seasonal and organic food.

Ethical Eating

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Product name: Ethical Eating: How to Make Food Choices that Won't Cost the Earth

Reviewer: Andrea Cally

Author: Angela Crocombe

Publisher: Scribe

Price: $34.95

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Angela Crocombe's follow up to A Lighter Footprint focuses on the importance of what we eat and the implications that this everyday act has on climate change, the environment, water, people's health and wellbeing and animal welfare.

From seed to supermarket, this comprehensive book puts on the table all the ethical issues surrounding food and beverage production, packaging and supply in Australia.

It finds that the most palatable choice for the environment, and us, is unprocessed, seasonal, organic food.

This book is a great companion to Peter Singer and Jim Mason's book, The Ethics of What We Eat, updating and adding to our knowledge from a uniquely Australian perspective.

With its simple layout and helpful appendices and chapter summaries, this guide to gourmet ethics is easy to digest, offering a feast of information about ethical food alternatives, including free-range, preservative-free, cruelty-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic and biodynamic food.

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