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Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30+

Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30+

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Product name: Kosmea moisturising lotion SPF 30+

Reviewer: Erin Kisby

Manufacturer: Kosmea

Price: $39.95

Size: 50 ml

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It’s not just the natural ingredients in Kosmea skin care that makes it so special; it’s what’s not in it that makes this skin care range as nature intended.

You won’t find mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate or any animal-derived ingredients.

To protect and nourish your skin all year round, a moisturiser with an SPF is essential. And with all the potentially harmful ingredients taken out of Kosmea’s products, their Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+ is a must-have.

However, the Kosmea range does use synthetic preservatives, at the lowest level, which they feel is essential to guarantee a longer, fresher shelf life.

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