These bags are great advertising for recycling - literally

Haul FJ and FE messenger bags

Haul FJ and FE messenger bags

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Product name: Messenger bag

Reviewer: Erin Kisby

Manufacturer: Haul

Price: medium $170 / large $195

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They were once advertising posters destined for the dump, but now they're trendy messenger bags.

Design company Haul source these old billboard ‘skins' from advertising agencies, along with other commercial waste that would otherwise end up as landfill.

The bags are given a new lease on life. Haul designer Scott Kilmartin calls the hand-cut, PVC vinyl advertising billboards “choice cuts”, as this method ensures that each bag is original and has something funky on it.

These bags make not only an environmental statement but also a great conversation starter.

Certifications: Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)

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