Rags to stitches

From bed linens and vintage fabrics comes trendy, original outfits

GladRagz clothes

GladRagz zip up dress, apron-style top and mini wrap skirt

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Product name: Skirts, dresses

Reviewer: Erin Kisby

Manufacturer: GladRagz

Price: $65 - $85

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Queenslander Wendy Stanley was dissatisfied with the limited availability of ethically produced, Australian-made clothing. And from her love (bordering on obsession) of op-shopping, an idea was born.

Wendy now spends hours reclaiming fabric to create garments for her own label, GladRagz. “I use anything from old bed linen to tablecloths, curtains and vintage fabrics to contemporary, unused remnants that someone has just tossed out,” she says.

And with every garment sold from the range, $1 is donated to the Friends of the Earth Society, which support all kinds of sustainable industries worldwide.

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