Classy glass

Made from recycled beer and wine bottles, this stylish jewellery is one of a kind

Recycled glass bracelets

Recycled glass bracelets by Simon Harrison Design

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Product name: Recycled glass bracelet

Reviewer: Erin Kisby

Manufacturer: Simon Harrison

Size: $29.95

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Inspired by the organic shapes of broken glass that has been washed smooth by the waves and sand, jeweller Simon Harrison is doing his bit for the fashion industry and the environment.

Using the glass from recycled Australian bottles of beer and wine, he has created a range of colourful jewellery from necklaces to bracelets.

Cuffs and chunky bangles are not waning in the fashion popularity stakes, making the recycled glass bottle bracelet, a perfect choice for a stylish accessory.

Comes in olive, amber, light blue & amber, clear, and cobolt.

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