Green Lifestyle magazine and Green Lifestyle Online welcome pitches and general approaches from professional writers, illustrators and photographers worldwide.


Outline a pitch of your idea in around 200 words, include some background on yourself and examples of previous work and send it to where it will be considered by the editor, Caitlin Howlett. To make your pitch more unique, it's a good idea to look at how we might have covered the topic in the past, so you may find the search function in the top right hand corner of this website useful.

Please do not submit entire finished articles. You can download a copy of our Writer's Guidelines for a general idea on our story formats. If you have further questions about submissions, write to us at the above email address. Please do be patient! We get lots and lots of submissions and can't always reply to them all, but will reply if we are interested in your pitch.

Photographers and Illustrators

If you have a website showcasing your photographic or illustration work, send an email explaining your background and experience, plus a link to your site, to us. Alternatively, you can send it as hardcopy to the postal address below. Please do not send huge image files, and please, no phone calls! It's best to reach us on email.

Books, films, DVDs and products

To have an item considered for review by Green Lifestyle, please notify the editor, Caitlin Howlett, via email, or the postal address below.

Green Lifestyle Submissions
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