September 26, 2014

NICOLE FOSS of The Automatic Earth will share her practical views on how to prepare for the twin threats of Peak Oil and Climate Change. Nicole is solution-oriented, not fear oriented. She will give us an in-depth analysis on why we are facing the limits to growth and provide useful strategies for local communities and households on how to prepare for fossil fuel shortage and economic collapse. In her talk, Nicole will cover: Energy Return on Investment ("EROI") - The Elephant in the Room!, why localised action is worth the effort, how to prioritize local investment in the real economy, barter networks, time-banking, tool and seed libraries and gifting, Permaculture and food security and examples of how existing communities around the world are succeeding with similar strategies.

Where: 107 Projects, 107 Redfern St, Redfern, Sydney, NSW.
When: 5.30pm, 26th September, 2014.
Cost: $39
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Get storm ready

Ready, Set, Summer

12 November, 2012

Summer is finally here; but you shouldn't only be getting beach ready, you should be getting storm and bushfire ready too.
Climate change experts claim that natural disasters will become more frequent and increasingly severe as temperatures rise, so why not learn how to prepare yourself now?

Willoughby City Council will host a Ready, Set Summer workshop this November to make sure their residents can feel ready for storm and bushfire season. With expert advice from NSW Health, NSW State Emergency Service and Fire and Rescue NSW, the workshop will help you ensure your family's safety.

Where: Craft Room, Dougherty Community Centre, Chatswood
When: 10am, Monday 12th November, 2012
Cost: Free
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