Ban the bag in your neighbourhood

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

You head to the grocery store armed with your reusable bag, only to be greeted by many still saying yes to plastic. But rest assured it is possible to create a plastic bag-free community.

Set New World Record for e-Waste Collection

20 to 28 April, 2013
Help set a new world record for the most e-waste collected for recycling between 20 and 28 April to tackle the fastest growing waste problem in Australia. TechCollect is the newest and biggest recycling program for old computers, printers and televisions in the nation. The program is driving the free and recycling initiative to recycle these products responsible and keep them out of landfill. Simply drop off e-waste to a TechCollect site between 20 and 28 April for free recycling to help set a new world record - visit for the 65 drop-off sites and opening hours.

Where: Around Australia.
When: 20 April - 28 April, 2013.
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8 items to reuse before recycling

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Put any accidental packaging to good use with these tips.


National Recycling Week 2012

12 - 18 November, 2012

National Recycling Week is the perfect opportunity to make long-term changes to your home, office or school. Get involved and encourage the practice of recycling as much as you can to reduce your impact on the planet, all the while having some fun!

Host your own swap party for you and your friends to freshen your wardrobe with pre-loved items, or organise a Friday file fling at your workplace to de-clutter your work environment. Activities for the kids can be found at the website, with loads of recycling themed lessons plans available for use by teachers.

Where: Australia
When: Monday 12th-Sunday 18th November, 2012
Cost: Free
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Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New Month 2012

The month of October

Buy Nothing New Month is a community driven event held each year to combat modern consumerism movements. It is a month long event that challenges society's way of thinking that we 'need' lots of material possessions to be happy, as well as raising awareness of the waste this lifestyle creates.

To take part, you simply pledge to buy nothing new for the month of October.

This event is good for your wallet, and good for your conscience as you acknowledge the impact your actions have on the planet and work to lessen them. Being a part of Buy Nothing New Month can also be fun; organise a clothes-swapping day with your friends or explore your local vintage stores and op shops for recycled goods.

This month is not about going without essentials. It is about thinking deeply about what we truly need in life and reducing the impact on finite resources.

Where: Australia, Netherlands and the US
When: The month of October, 2012
Cost: Free
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Just add soap

Monday, 13 August 2012

A couple of innovative friends in the U.S are saving lives around the world by recycling leftover soap from hotels.


Ask G: Do plastic bags contaminate recycling?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tanya Ha tackles your eco-questions and finds out what happens to plastic bags in recycling bins.


How to taunt Coke

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

SodaStream South Africa explains why they refuse to cave in to demands from Coca-Cola after they received a letter of demand over cans and bottles used in their ‘Cage’ project.


Recycling difficult items

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The G office wraps up last issue’s Challenge to recycle forgotten items, with some items proving more difficult to recycle than others!


Sitting on a mine

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The G office has taken on this month's Challenge by collecting over 20 old mobile phones for recycling! We trace what will happen to them next.

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