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How to make your garage comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

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The typical garage from your childhood has come a long way, baby. Here’s the latest and greatest practical gadget for your garage.

The pest-ridden garage you remember from your childhood has changed quite a bit in the modern day.

The garage used to just be a place for the two family cars, maybe some power tools or storage, and a whole lot of spider eggs. But now, as space has become a premium, the benefits of using the garage as a multi-purpose area can’t be ignored.

Perhaps when the car isn’t there (or if you’ve sold it!) the garage can become a play area for the kids, a home office, a wine cellar, or a place where you can work on DIY projects.

So, how can you make this space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round, but so it can still keep its original purpose if it needs to? For anyone who has spent a lot of time in a garage, the answer lies in what might seem an unlikely place at first – the door.

Winter is when you’ll notice it most. The garage door is where drafts, dust, and sometimes rain can get into the garage, making it a very uncomfortable place to be, or ruining any equipment you have in there. If you've got precious gear inside, you want to make sure you protect it with a good, weatherproof seal around the door.

Of course, you want to make sure that the door is still functional, and that your house still looks great; which is where the Taurean Doors come in. These doors are built for strength, security, and style, so they’re perfect for the multi-purpose, modern garage.

It's not just about the drafts, rain, or dirt and leaves that can get in from the sides – the Taurean garage doors are insulated with a special design so that the outside layer doesn't touch the inside layer, creating an effective thermal barrier. On every individual join, there's no contact with the other pieces, and that means there’s little or no transfer of heat or cold from the inside to the outside, or vice-versa.

That means the Taurean doors are great for summer as they stop hot air getting in, and block out the heat of the sun so your garage doesn’t become a sweltering hotbox. Phew – that means the wine cellar won’t be ruined!

If you've got noisy (or nosy) neighbours, or perhaps a teenage kid who's decided that starting a band in the garage is a good idea, the noise insulation is pretty good with the Taurean doors too.

For the super-greenie who does a lot of travel, you might have an electric plug-in car – and as a car like this can cost a pretty penny, you’ll want to make sure that it’s safe, and that the power outlet is properly protected from the elements.

While the typical garage door seems fairly safe, they’re actually the largest moving item in the home. The Taurean doors have rounded-edges to avoid injuries, and the tracking mechanism is closed-in, so it’s all designed for maximum safety. There's no need for messy, regular application of grease that inevitably ends up as a slip-hazard on the garage floor – instead, maintenance is just a simple furniture spray a couple of times a year. Taurean Doors also offer Photo Electric beams fitted to them to ensure kids, pets, and objects are out of the way.

While we're all for doing things manually – such as using a push-reel mower rather than a petrol one, raking leaves instead of using a blower – there's a lot to be said for the convenience of an automatic roller door, especially for those frosty mornings, or in torrential rain.

These doors are fuss-free for a recommended installer to put in, with minimum disruption or use of space.

And best of all, Taurean support Australian manufacturing. The doors can be made-to-measure, and transported anywhere around Australia from their stores in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Next time you check out your garage, look at it with fresh eyes, as a change as simple as the door could help this space to become a more practical, multi-purpose part of the home.

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