Eco Gift Guide

Give your loved ones a gift they’ll truly love that won’t cost the earth.
plastic bag

Plastic bag debate

Plastic bags are deemed a blight on the world, but are green bags better?
Yoga pose in amongst nature

Get fit going green

Going green can mean great news for your body.
Greg Bourne, WWF CEO

WWF's Greg Bourne

WWF's Greg Bourne: from petroleum exec to nature lover


Sustainable Super Fund

Local Government Super Special Announcement

LGS avoids companies that aren’t good for you or for the environment.

Shark drumlines in World Heritage Great Barrier Reef May Increase By A Third

Shark drumlines to increase by a third in the Great Barrier Reef.

Ask G


Ask G: Fragrant fair trade flowers

Are florists able to offer fair trade bouquets, or other alternatives?
Shredded, used paper ready for recycling

Ask G: How many times can paper be recycled?

The quality of paper fibre is reduced after use and recycling.

Ask G: Can I add polystyrene to soil?

Is it possible to lighten clay soils with polystyrene bits?

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Sharri Lembryk

The Dumpster Diaries

A brave student discovers dumpster diving.

Science to act local

How science will take the 'think global, act local' mantra to new levels.
Lauren Singer

I haven't made any trash in 2 years

One blogger's commitment to zero waste sustainable living.

    Instant Expert

    Australian 10 cent coin

    Container Deposit Legislation

    Do ten cent refunds make much sense?

    Instant expert: Aquaculture

    Fishing for answers on fish farming.

    Instant expert: Wildife Corridors

    Clearing the facts on a greener pathway.