Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream

The perfect topping for your cupcakes, crumbles and hot chocolate.

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All you need is unsweetened coconut milk, agave and vanilla and you have the perfect topping to your cupcakes, apple crumble and hot chocolate.


1 can of unsweetened Coconut Milk (refrigerate overnight to separate the fat from the liquid)
2 Tablespoons of agave
1 teaspoon of vanilla


1. Take a mixing bowl and place it in the freezer for about ten minutes. Chilling the bowl helps with whipping the cream - it gives it a light and fluffy texture.
2. Open the can and you should see that the fat of the coconut milk is at the top of the can. Remove it with a fork. You can add the leftover liquid to a smoothie.
3. Break up the coconut fat into smaller pieces with a fork and then add to the chilled mixing bowl.
4. Add the agave and the vanilla
5. Whip using an electric mixer on high speed for three to four minutes


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