Australian Youth Climate Change Super Heroes

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)’s mission is to build a generation-wide movement to solve climate change by uniting all major youth organisations and over 50,000 young Australians. AYCC hopes to achieve short-term influence and long-term cultural change. Members and partners coordinate, communicate and network with each other to run shared projects and campaigns to facilitate young Australians taking action to solve the climate crisis in schools, TAFEs, Universities and communities.
The AYCC is one of Australia’s few examples of an entirely youth-run and youth-led organisation. All AYCC staff, volunteers and steering committee members are under thirty, and the vast majority are under twenty-five. AYCC’s mission, objectives and projects were all developed by, and are re-visited and evaluated by young people including youth in member and partner groups, young staff and steering committee, and teams of young volunteers.
AYCC focuses on both youth empowerment - enabling young people to create opportunities and take on active roles in communities – and youth development - equipping young people with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to allow youth to take on more responsibility.
For more information, to see the AYCC election scorecard, or to get involved, visit: http://www.aycc.org.au/