Winner: A $255 usethings eco-drying rack.

And the winner of the UseThings Drying Rack is M. Green of Melbourne. Congratulations - we wish you many happy washing days!


Washing and drying is a major portion of clothes environmental impact when considering the whole life-cycle. Replacing electric tumble drying with our drying rack or out-door drying will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the clothes you wear. If each drying rack displaces an electric dryer with its 2 kg of carbon emissions per load, at 100 loads a year our rack would save one tonne of carbon every five years.

Hand crafted in Castlemaine, central Victoria from local plantation sugar gum, the drying rack is suspended on pulleys from the ceiling. Lower it for loading, then hoist it up to dry washing where the warmth is and out of the way. An old solution revived for the modern problems with energy like cost and climate altering carbon emissions. Delivered Australia-wide in kit form, includes all the cord, rigging, fixings, and clear instructions.

Thanks to usethings – for this gorgeous prize. Please visit their site and check out their fantastic eco-friendly products.