Winners: A Pair of Amazona Thongs

Frente Pineapple RRP$29.95

Frente Pineapple RRP$29.95

Fem Leno Frente RRP$29.95

Fun Black vauled at $25.95

Thanks to everyone who entered! Our winners are L. Powell, Bella Vista; A. Fuessel, Kincumber; C. Mansfield, Woodville; N Murnane, Katherine; A. Milford, Coolum Beach. Winners will be contacted by Amazonas Australia for styling, size and delivery.

The Amazon Group is the first manufacturer of biodegradable sandals in the world. Products developed in natural rubber are derived from the rubber trees in the Amazon forest, which directly benefits coastal communities in the region. Every year, more than 4,800 tons of recycled materials that become not only sandals, but also soles, flooring, composites, cards and other rubber products .

The sandals utilize recycled rubber and natural materials in their insoles to create a beautiful collection that supports not only your feet but the environment.

You can check out their website here.